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11+ Years of Specific Experience
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General experience can be converted to specific experience using the following:
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  • Associates Degree: + 1 year
  • Bachelor's Degree: + 3 years
  • Master's Degree = + 2 years
  • Ph.D. = + 2 years
Maximum of 7 years for all degrees
  • Other credits:
  • Certifications: 3 months
  • 3 Years of General Experience = 1 Year of Specific Experience
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Saturday, June 8, 2019

Requirements Analyst

We are seeking an experienced Systems Analyst, who under minimal direction, performs as a fully experienced Requirements Manager. As a Systems Analyst, your primary responsibility will be to elicit, analyze, validate, specify, verify, document, and manage the needs of the project stakeholders, including customers and taking into consideration the possibly of conflicting requirements of the various stakeholders. Additionally, you will serve as the focal point for creating communities of interest, as defined by the Customer, and items, including new data to ingest into the analyst tool in such a way that it is easily searched and understood. Your responsibilities will include the following: • Must be able to communicate effectively with customers • Possess strong written communication skills to produce project guidelines • Ability to evaluate project progress and evaluate information to ensure that the project is progressing, as expected • Possess research skills to ensure there is a complete picture of the client's needs • Responsible for managing one or more activities and tasks within a project/program • Working closely with the Division Chief, Branch Chiefs, and cross divisions to define and document future requirements • Possess expertise in briefing presentations regarding new work for the Division to fulfill
Location: Reston
Clearance: TS/SCI with Poly
Skill Level: Level 1
Closing Date: 7/12/2019